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ReguTrade is a trade development company focused on supporting the needs of businesses currently engaged in or planning to engage in international transactions. We specialize in Structured Trade Finance and Business Incubation.

Structured Trade Finance

We are a financial engineering company experienced in both emerging and developed markets. We combine the singular focus of a specialized firm with the financial, trading and commercial capabilities usually offered only by major institutions. The result is a knowledgeable partner that can respond quickly and effectively to difficult financial challenges. ReguTrade clients import items including commodity goods, apparel, textiles, electronic components, consumer appliances and specialty products. We provide letters of credit to suppliers in Asia, Africa, South America and other points in the world, and can be accessed easily via our online application. If your company is looking for a strategy to finance goods to fill your orders, or simply to support growth, contact us.

Business Incubation

ReguTrade is the world’s first trade financier that can also incubate your business with New York City co-work space, market intelligence and lead generation, to power your deals around the globe. We’re committed to helping exporters, importers and contractors at every stage of their career. As an incubation member, you can use our New York City office and address, get real-time data on your competition, network and collaborate with our community of prospering traders in the United States and around the world AND get the flexible financing you need.